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The same thing can happen with nitrogen in your tires, but not as frequently. It happened to me around a year after I filled up my tires with nitrogen. I then reset the TPMS and the warning sign was gone. I typically do this because I'm too lazy to have the tires checked/filled and want to make sure before I do that the warning sign wouldn't go away after I drive the car for a few minutes. In any case, I had to go to Costco soon after and decided to get my tires filled with nitrogen there. The attendant found several of my tires were low by around 9psi (so the TPMS must have reset to think the tires were fine, which is bizarre and should not happen) and the attendant did it at no charge.

Notwithstanding this experience, I will still continue using nitrogen. I live in Chicago and the weather fluctuates like crazy, which causes annoying TPMS messages more often when I wasn't using nitrogen. Another reason is maybe it is partly psychological from all the benefits that I have been reading of using nitrogen. Also, nitrogen doesn't cost that much besides the BMW dealer. The Toyota service center near my place does it for $30. It's just nitrogen, so I don't think it matters where you get it.
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