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Here' a thought. When the Japanese cars had gotten past their infancy and started bringing over real cars that were quite reliable, people started buying them in droves and stopped buying GM,Ford,Chrysler.
This forced the 'big 3' to start making more reliable cars. And when they finally did so -( it took them a while to get it ) they stopped losing sales to the 'foreign cars'. I would bet if people stopped buying BMW's . MB's -whatever because of reliability issues- these cars would quickly get more reliable. The 2004 MB E series is a case in point. The worst car they made in a long time ( I know I owned one- it was awful -I won a lemon law case with it) and sales of the E series in the following years reflected this.
As it is said-'It's the money stupid'. I doubt that these companies do not have the ability to make these cars bullet proof- just look at Porsche. There is a reason why people pay up another $15-$20K for the Cayenne. It is a better car. It is not only a better performer but it is more reliable as well.
I have owned many Porsches - and for the most part- they have been trouble free- and performance was wonderful. Yes there were a few models that were notorious for issues, but for the most part Porsche builds a very reliable and quite 'zippy' vehicle. Why is it that
BMW seems to only get part of this equation right? ( Brickbats acknowledged)
My sense is that MB is generally more reliable ( at least now it is) than BMW . But BMW is a better performing sportier car. So, BMW buyers put up with this to get this performance. I have noticed that MB is
putting more emphasis in sport- not just AMG- but for example the new E -series now comes in a Sport and Luxury version. Perhaps MB is on to something.
Now - all of my assumptions may not be spot on- and I am sure there are those who will take issue with parts- if not all of this missive.
But one thing is for sure. If The Cayenne and The X5 were the same price- there would be a whole lot of model year mark downs on the BMW lots. Better is not just more fun to drive- it is also about reliability. Just sayin. I will now begin the rest of my life under an assumed name.
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