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back in '05/'06 my wife and I got pulled over b/c we had a "aftermarket" exhaust on her Supra. I carried the FL law and a copy of the manufactures CARB certification in the glove box. 2 cop cars. After trying to explaint to them it's super quiet and even meets CARB.... cop give me some lecture about he knows cars and he's got a Z28 bla bla... let us go. Just some cops that profiled the supra thinking it was some ricer teens and it was two mid 20's with a copy of the FL law and CARB # in the glove box and he got thrown off by it. But let's face it. Profiling is human nature. That's how evolution happens. If you mod your car to look like a drug dealer rap video ride.. guess what kid. If you put a foldger fart can on your stupid civic, guess what kid... you get profiled. I think profiling works. Same reason I profile the meth'd out white trash driving in a 30yr old ford pickup with a confederate flag and a gun rack. That type of person usually has some comment about my BMW even though I'm just pumping gas and minding my own bussiness. You get what you are. Can't control what color you are, but you can control how you dress, act, talk and what you drive.

I wish the cops would crack down on "UNSAFE" cars. Ie- cars missing tail lights, headlights bad tires etc. I wish FL would adopt annual safety inspections. Would remove a lot of junk off the road. And even a sniff check wouldn't hurt. I see cars in Tampa that burn more oil than gas. When I have family from other states visit, they are amazed at the relics driving around our roads. FL is like Mini-cuba with old cars on the roads. And crack down on these idiots that get on Ebay and get a $75 HID set and put them in a reflector housing!!!! They are idiots!
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