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Originally Posted by otonimus View Post
The F30 may not handle with the same level of feel as previous 3's... And I'm not arguing that, as I'm certainly no BMW expert. This is my first 3 (sportline), and I haven't spent enough time with previous 3's to really have an opinion one way or another.

However, let's remember what it's still far better than:

My previous car, a 2004 Mazda 6s, which by all accounts handles far better than any Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, the cars with which it competes... and the F30 kills the Mazda 6S in handling, of course... So the F30 is supposed to be a big step up from this class of car, and it sure as hell is.

It's also way better than my 99 A4 2.8 was, with the Sport Package. And my dad's 2011 Jetta Diesel. And my friend's 2010 G37 sedan, and my other friend's 2008 E300. And my ex's 2004 Volvo S50. Spanks all of them. I could go on and on.

So anyone who is looking to step up from lesser handling cars of a similar size, fear not. This ain't no Accord with a nicer badge.

If you're looking for it to handle as well as your old 3, perhaps not... but that doesn't mean it's "vague" or "disconnected"... it's still one hell of a nice handling car.

Just 2 cents from someone who isn't as expert is these car as you are, and apparently happier with the F30 as a result
No argument here if you are coming from another brand. It's not even a close comparison. There's a reason why all the other car manufacturers chase the 3 series and use it as a benchmark.

Unfortunately, most of the people complaining are the previous owners of 3 series generations looking to upgrade into the latest and greatest. Most find that the current model is not worth upgrading into because they have been spoiled by the even better and greater whole package feel that the previous generations have made legendary. The previous generation 3 series was never the fastest from 0-60, on the track, 1/4 mile, skidpad, slalom, etc... I could go on and on and on about specs and comparisons. It was always considered a drivers car because it's precision of control and balance was unparalleled across all trims- base, sport, M models. It basically was so well designed starting from the chassis, suspension, brakes, engine, interior and exterior that the whole package is a benchmark for others to chase. The amount of driver input was never dulled, delayed or compromised as most are complaining with the new F30. It just seems the target market for this latest generation is more towards the main stream of drivers which drives the most volume of revenue and sales. Can't blame BMW, it's what makes Toyota and Honda lots of money. However, thank god they still provide options to get back to the previous 3 series whole package, higher percision, control with refinement benchmark; add BMW M performance parts. So they have achieved to get into the mainstream market while appeasing their enthusiast followers; even if it requires more customization than previously needed from their older generation 3 series. Just my 2 cents.

Now go customize or enjoy to your own content.
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