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Originally Posted by otonimus View Post
Last time I checked this thread was about handling, not straight line performance.

But to your point, does a 2008 911 count? Got to drive one. Faster and better handling than the F30... but I don't see how that makes the F30 "merely competent", it certainly doesn't in my mind.
I'll save you some time. Took me awhile to figure out that this isn't a BMW forum. It's a BMW enthusiasts forum, and there's the rub.

There are people who expect their German luxury cars to have a secondary purpose, to be a warrior on the track and back in the day the E36 was the perfect car for that. Looked great in the executive parking lot, was a beast on the weekends.

Many of these people (raises hand) grew up and like the fact that the 3 Series has grown up with them. We're not 25 anymore, need a car for 45 year olds now. And like us, the 3 Series is now more mature, larger, softer, more spacious, more luxurious. But a few of these people are stuck in 1995 and begrudge BMW for ruining their sporty weekend trackster. When the subject of Old BMW values vs. New BMW realities arises they throw up smokescreens and zany stats and make up stories about interior materials and popup screens and 0.00005ths of a second, and use buzzwords like "tradition" and "heritage" against the very brand they love.

There's no winning this battle. Run while you can. Create a thread about iPhone compatibility; no one argues over that. Know that Bimmerfest is a wonderful forum filled with great BMW aficionado's, but there are a few bad apples that aren't onboard with BMW's present and want to continually shove BMW's past down our throats as if we don't get it, as if we didn't own E36's and E46's and E90's and aren't smart enough to figure out what BMW is up to.

BMW makes a Roadster. BMW is working on a 1 Series Sedan. There are 1000's of quality E46's available for sale in every city in America. You'd think they'd figure it out by now.

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