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Originally Posted by cmpcpro View Post
Wow! That's great news! I think it's worth everyone checking.. if you are gaining a big increase in low end tq and power then certainly everyone would benefit to a degree cleaning or replacing their sensors.. did you disconnect power before doing this? It seems like everytime I unplug a sensor this car "knows".. How well did your sensors clean up? You gained all this power and you've only done one side so far?! That is promising!
Yeah im convinced the sensors have been causing me this issue now for 11 months, its been a real headache the DME thinks everything is wrong, real time data shows camshafts in their intended positions, or so the DME thinks!

I havent been able to do the other side yet, mine is RHD and the main branch or the wiring loom gets in the way of the other two, I will use a smaller socket set to get in there, its dark early here so will probably wait until the weekend now, car is driving much better already!

Its been a shame, the car drove fantastic when I first got it, was too busy fixing the sat nav and a host of other electrical issues and never really enjoyed it before it started playing up, it started losing power at the same time the trans started leaking oil, then after a oil and pan change the adaptor seal blew out and I have been thinking the lagging and poor acceleration are due to the transmission!

The DME and EGS are tied together and the DME constantly communicates with the EGS giving engine load data, RPM etc... so the EGS can select the correct gear, go into lockup etc... if the engine load data is incorrect, i.e. an engine sensor is playing up slightly like the MAF or camshaft sensors then it can wreak havoc with the trans making it slip, slam and jerk into gears. This causes many people to blame the trans! I believe this is why there was a software update to the EGS to possibly not make it so dependent on the engine load data. Its a theory anyway! It could explain why even after trans replacement they still start playing up again shortly after. Who knows!

A parts distributor here in the UK is selling brand new camshaft sensors for 44 (30% off from 60 odd) they are made by VIEROL a German parts manufacturer that supply German manufacturers OEM parts, The original sensors are made by SWS (same company that make the PDC sensors). Has anyone heard of VIEROL? I suppose if they are German and not Chinese I stand a hope of them possibly working correctly! I don't want to fit duff parts and start another red herring chasing game!

I think the lesson learned here is that sensors do go bad and the DME wont know about it or has no way to compare to diagnose it as being a failure, I should have learnt that from previous experiences!

At the moment im guessing the exhaust one was dodgy from oil contamination in the plug, or simply swapping them has moved the fault to the other camshaft and the engine now runs better. I may have moved the problem to the inlet camshaft but the engine happens to run better that way round? only putting new ones in will I know for sure!

I didnt disconnect the battery, just unlocked car, popped the bonnet, pulled the engine covers and pulled them out. You can pull the plugs without removing anything if you want to check for oil.

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