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Originally Posted by Rick in Yuma View Post
Chris. The 03 735 was not sold in the USA. We have a 740 now with a 6 Cylinder in it for a few years ( after gas hit $4 plus a gallon). Here is a link on n62. I hope some of the oversea's members can answer your question.. Rick

The 3.6 N62 is almost identical to the 4.4 and 4.8 versions (745/750 respectively).

The DISA or variable intake manifold is basically the huge cast aluminium inlet manifold itself, it has variable runners inside, its actuated by a motor at the rear of the unit.

The VANOS solenoids are located at the front of the upper timing chain covers, two on each side. They are all identical.

I removed two on mine to asses their condition, they looked fine, no muck in them I have 104K miles now. O-Rings had taken a set where they have been in there 10 years but nothing out of the ordinary.

TBH the VANOS is closed loop, DME requests say 30% advance, solenoid opens to allow oil pressure int the adjuster, position is monitored by the DME using the camshaft sensor, the DME will keep applying oil pressure to the VANOS actuator until the desired position ir reached.

If the position is not reached for example by a faulty/clogged solenoid or leaking/clogged VANOS adjuster then the desired position will not be reached and the DME will 'see' this as a fault. What I dont know is the time limit the DME waits before it logs it as a fault.

This is what lead me to the theory of the sensors becoming less sensitive and reacting slower to the camshaft pulses.

Rabbling on a bit now but hope that helps,

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