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i forgot to delete this profile lol. i am on another site. i was waiting some time before getting a response searching for answers till i got lucky at pick n pull from a junker of the same car yet automatic so i pulled out the whole wiper assembly and got working wipers. the other set i still have. i first took the linkage out and drilled a hole so i can fit a screw and a washer to it and worked for a little. didnt really trust it cause i didnt have any locktite to use for the threads so it stays for good. i have it in my trunk as a backup/spare now. you can find me on another bimmer forum. this one isnt very active at all. just the day before i made one post about another issue im having right now with getting the car running after changing the spark plugs. i now need to make the timing adjustment in the distributor in hopes i can get it running before my doc appointment coming up. i have been on and off due to an internal injury. so even tightening anything puts pressure and hurts me. i have to now try n learn to try and figure out whats meant by putting it in gear and rocking it back and forth to find the pin for the adjustment. if curious its bimmerforums and i use the same name as here. kind of ****ty that this is my only and first car ive had for a year now and keep having all these issues with no money to spare for it :/ now rocking the car? HA! ya id need help on that. with my injury i aint supposed to lift a damn thing. guess ill have to see how far i can get and what other trouble comes next. thnx for the reply still.
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