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Originally Posted by joshuaarebalo View Post
Whats interesting is that it is not a consistent issue correct? It has happened to me 3 times, all occuring between 70 - 101k miles. The first time was after a road trip to Florida. Car was low on gas (bout 1/4 tank). Stalled out while driving, just started hesitating, choking, then died. After letting it rest for aprox. 30 min. she was fine again. The most recent stall was the same situation but after a 18 hour road trip from MN. The car had NO issues for 9 months in the winter while we were in MN, then after an 18 hour road trip of perfect driving, 28 mpg, she stalls out in Atlanta traffic.

So I'm perplexed...our issues could be completely non-related, but what you experienced certainly was the same thing. Vapor lock I would think is not an issue due to the high pressure fuel pumps we have...

Let me know if you experience it again, I'm very curious. As for now...I think I'll have to run some tests before replacing any you know what your fuel trim measurements are?
(Unfortunately) this is an interesting topic. I have precisely same inconsistent behavior. In consistent in the sense that i can't reproduce the behavior at will.
Here are my details:
x3 06 ~80K. It's after lease vehicle I own it since 09. Before summer 2012 no issues.
first occurrence - on a hot ( 100F) day after driving for about 40 minutes. After 10 minutes stop car could not hold RPMs stable and basically was dropping rpms unless i had accelerator down. I did notice that there was a delay of a few seconds before me flooring gas pedal and rpms coming up. After 40 minutes car started and there were no codes.
Since then i noticed that when the gas tank is close to 0 ( needle is on the last mark) car tends to vibrate and rpms (while not driving) are going up and down between 800 and 1000.
A month or so ago it lost all power while i was driving. I restarted it and it started to vibrate but i managed to get home al'right.
I have to note that vibration and variance in RPMs don't happened everyday. At this point it looks like they happened @ will or (maybe?) when the gas is very low.
I did blamed on gas quality but i changes a few gas stations and noticed no difference.
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