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I just purchased a 2013 F11 and have been copying my music libary via a USB stick onto the internal storage. I had assumed that it was using a local Gracenote database to display album art but after running some tests, I'm not so sure that Gracenote is used for artwork with music on the internal storage or USB storage.

I'm using mp3tag to inspect my mp3 files and the artwork metadata in particular. I found some mp3 files that had the cover art but the art was not being displayed by the BMW either from the USB stick or internal storage. After running some test, I think that the issue is the size of the image. Some recent music I downloaded had cover art with an image size of 1605x1490 that was not being displayed in the car. When I replaced the cover art metadata with mp3tag, to a smaller 300x300 image the car would now display the cover art.

Technically, it makes no sense to me that they would use Gracenote for CD info but not mp3 files but I'm beginning to believe that's the case. Maybe BMW only licensed Gracenote for use with CD's figuring they could save money but not also paying to license it for use with mp3's.
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