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thanks man and this is a free account so it doesnt allow me to see pics n links etc.. says remote linking is forbidden please upgrade your account. ya i always have it parked as neutral with the handbrake. i have snagged like 5 relays though since they wanted 50 a piece. so i havnt replaced any relays yet. i will try that way u were talking about TDC. i have a socket set and still working up the tools for this car but im unsure how big it is till i take a gander at it to see if i have a big enough one. in american cars there a pain in the arse and need a huge socket for those, even to pull anything else out. this car though i was able to get the alternator in and out with no problems and the belt perfectly fit again. alternator was tested and passed all test from autozone. been goin there a bit for certain things as its close by and sometimes they give me a good deal. i only had so much on me and dude gave me a 5 off on it. and yes i have had much enjoyment on working with this car. i had at one time learning american engines from a friend at the time who would buy cars from auctions n fix them up n sell them. i had helped n learn to rebuild one and doing complete tear downs for scrapping the metal and anything else. he had me doing it all so i would learn n know. was easy for someone to be there instructing but as i said german compared to american is wayyy different. and i like the german motors better. easier to get to and work on. but its all a new ball game really on these and never had worked on manual transmission either.
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