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Originally Posted by Killjoy View Post
About the nut that people recommend tack hard is this to get to? Is this a good DIY, or is someone like me with an average/below average knowledge of internals getting in over their head?
You have to drop the front subframe to get to the oil pan.

And seriously, it is fine. I don't know why people keep going ape over this nut. My car runs, drives, and does just fine. Geez. This isn't something that happens 100% on 100% of the cars. It would be far easier to just remove the nut, clean the shaft, apply some red locktite, thread the nut back on, forget it.

Seriously, relax about this topic. There are a number of E36 M and regular cars that track and autoX without doing anything to the nut and are just fine.
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