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Originally Posted by mgcorrei82 View Post
I checked my coolant level today, it was low, i had to pour about a cup of water in there just to tide me over until i get my parts, at which time the coolant will be changed. Stange too, i noticed that stick that pops out of the expansion tank that measures the coolant level snaped in half somehow. So looks like i'll replace the expansion tank too, along with the water pump and thermostat. Anything else i need to change while im in there? Hoses still look good.
Depending on how long it's been, I would change the temp sensor on the lower radiator hose. There's a little green oring that the sensor is sealed by which I would replace too.
That's a very common leak area. There is also a transmission thermostat on the bottom right hand side of the radiator, check for leaks there.
Good luck.
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