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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
Don't know if any of you subscribe to Car & Driver, but last month's issue (December) had an instrumented test of EPS vs. Traditional in a BMW-series. The 535xi still has hydraulic, while the 528xi (N20) has EPS, so they did some testing (about the only difference is that the 535xi has 143 lbs more weight on the front).

"After griping about EPS for years, the shocking revelation is that C/D's editorial staff preferred BMW's electric system over its hydraulic assistance. Total votes in 7 of 10 (subjective) categories favored EPS by 2 to 8 points each. Hydraulic shined in only the 3 feedback categories where it won the on-center by 4 points and tied with EPS in our middle-of-maneuver and at-cornering-extremes performance ratings."

Later, they note that Hydraulic effort rises quicker when going off-center. Also, the article notes that almost 60% cars come with EPS now, up from 25%.
I read that, and it is an excellent article. Despite finding some positive things to say about EPS, they noted the superior feedback and on center feel of traditional hydraulic systems. As you mention, the superior on center feel in HPS comes from higher resistance just off center. Ford seems to have figured this out, because the EPS in the Focus ST is tuned for very high effort just off center, which provides a secure, "locked in" sensation missing from many cars I have tried with EPS. (Including my Acura, btw.) The ST's steering does not offer much feedback, but is fairly satisfying overall IMO.
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