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Originally Posted by Elk View Post
The BMW bills itself as the ultimate driving machine, a serious sports sedan. It should have no trouble dispatching a V-6, live rear axle, four-seater, 3,500 pound, domestically produced Mustang - the Mustang is not a sports car (two v. four doors is irrelevant).

The fact the BMW cannot even begin to keep up in the twisties speaks volumes.

My 335 sport is a great car. A performance monster, a "beast," it is not.
"The Ultimate Driving Machine" is a marketing tagline.

No different than Coke being "The Real Thing", "Have It Your Way" at Burger King, Apple "Think Different", and "Bo Knows" in your Nike's. Please tell me you aren't that gullible.

BREAKING NEWS: The 3 Series is no longer an enthusiasts car. Tell your friends.

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