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I really like the brochure build of this car. It isn't the build I'd choose for myself, but I think it is one of the most visually pleasing combos. It looks very individual sans the $7000 Individual price tag
I agree that is looks pretty plush, but clearly a bit "older". The urban rims keep it a little younger, but I wanted to go a bit more "elegant" rather than sporty with this car. If the car was for a young male, it would be M-sport in Imola over black to ideally suit my taste.

Is there a special BMW iPod cord that gave you, or was it just a white Apple cable? I can't get enough of those white cables - can never have too many of them. A million Apple devices yet these things are never around. It just got x10 worse having the lightening adapter for my phone and iPad. I digress, but I'm curious if there is a special BMW-iPod cable now that it all goes through the USB
It is not your typical IPOD cord from Best Buy. It is white, but more robust with a couple of inputs (it looks more like a dongle). I'll have the boss take a picture and post soon.

I agree: this place is the best. It makes 6er ownership THAT much better. Other forums are too big, or too serious, or too whatever. Glad you joined us.
It's the "too whatever" that freaks me out the most

Congrats on your new ride! Would you share with us the deal the manager gave you? Was it a long negotiating process?
It would be in poor taste (IMHO) to discuss specifics on a public forum, but I would be pressing for 20% off sticker on a 2012 that had been on the lot for 6 months especially since we are now in CY 2013. That would be my first offer and I would have local examples to back up the offer....I negotiated over the course of a day via e-mail / phone after test-driving the car a week or two prior to purchase with the same CA so it was not a cold call thing, but a relationship thing...

Would you compare and contrast to your 2006 6-series
It's amazing how inferior the 2006 feels to the 2012. I had trouble even looking for a new car because the 2006 had been such a wonderful vehicle. The masculine styling really grew on me over the years and the standard creature comforts (NAV, BT, IPOD, etc) were cutting edge for 2006.

That car took me to 50 rock concerts and 50 sporting events over the years. I drove it into the ghetto and into Beverly Hills and it always felt comfortable wherever I went. It never broke down on me or left me stranded...not once in 6+ years and ~87K. It has never been towed. Awesome vehicle, but I can't have my wife driving around in a car that is bound to start showing it's age through mechanical problems. We can't afford the down time for that stuff.

The new 2012 car has that same tank like feel, but it does everything better. Brakes are simply awesome. Power is crazy....there is a wee bit of turbo lag, so it takes a split second for everything to spool-up, but when it does the car shoots forward like a rocket. The extra torque is very noticeable. I did not think the car would seem so much faster based on the specs. The 4 tuning modes are a nice touch and we find ourselves driving in comfort mode most of the time. Sport mode feels a lot like the 2006 in terms of road feel, but I am getting a bit more Cadillac as I age.

Once she (and BMW / Apple) figure out how to get her e-mail, the car will again be the cutting edge ultimate driving machine as the 2006 was back in the day. She is getting her texts (thanks Southern!) and enjoying driving her new toy. The new larger display is welcome, the HUD is very cool and the LED lights are insane (it looks like an alien is pulling into the garage when she gets home).

Everyone is impressed with the vehicle. The HUD, LED headlights and the self-parking feature seem to generate the most ooohs and aaahs from the guys. Once she get's her e-mail working, that, and the interior will impress the ladies most.....

I'll keep you posted on the journey, get a picture of the IPOD cable ASAP and lurk on Bimmerfest daily as I have been for years...


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