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Originally Posted by Domer1982 View Post
The fact that all four readings are essentially the same tells me that the 4 wheel sensors are probably OK.
Yes. Although, there is this caveat with non-OEM sensors:
- Quick99Si's explanation of why the 10-minute wheel speed sensor diode-action quick test doesn't always work, at least on his brand new non-OEM wheel speed sensors (1) (2)

Originally Posted by Domer1982 View Post
I didn't do any of the other tests because none of the 4 wheel sensor readings differed from the others.
You have the same (consistent) results I had. And I didn't do any additional tests either. I sent out my ABS control module for repair. If you want, you can open it up and do the toothpick test - but other than that - you're now at the next stage:
- Summary of all known ABS control module rebuilder options & new suppliers with prices (1)

Originally Posted by Domer1982 View Post
So I'm inclined to conclude that my ABS module needs to be repaired or replaced.
Please do one thing for the team BEFORE you send it out and DURING the repair!
a) Snap a photo of BOTH SIDES before you send it out
b) Ask them what they found and what they replaced WHILE it's on their test bench

Tell us the answer. For example, see if they replace the two blocks on the BACK of the ABS control module. Also if you open it up, snap a picture of the guts for the same reason (all the rebuilders say they will accept an open module).
- ABS control module autopsy (thanks to 540iman)

Originally Posted by Domer1982 View Post
can I still drive the car without it?
Sure. Every one of us had done it. We listed all the things that will happen in this thread somewhere, and elsewhere. Gimme a sec to find it. OK. It was in the bestlinks, right in front of my face.
BTW, while your ABS control module is out of the car (about 5 days), the following anomalies may occur:
- Brake/DSC/ABS trifecta solid yellow lights (on the instrument cluster)
- Service Engine Soon (SES) solid yellow light lit (on the instrument cluster)
- No ABS (upon hard braking under low-traction conditions)
- No traction control (DSC or ASC on lateral action)
- No speedometer (use a portable GPS navigation unit if you're worried about that)
- No odometer (again, use a portable GPS unit if this bothers you)
- No tripmeter (use a portable GPS unit if it's a worry to you)
- No cruise control
- OBDII diagnostic trouble code DTC P0500, i.e., bad speed sensor (clear by driving or with an OBDII scanner)
- No possibility of passing (California at least) smog inspections (until you replace the ABS control module & clear the DTC)
- No speed-sensitive automatic door locks (if enabled at the stealer)
- No GPS (if you have navigation)
- No mileage calculations on the instrument cluster
- No fuel consumption calculations on the instrument cluster
- No range indications on the instrument cluster
- No speed-sensitive radio (if equipped)
- No speed-sensitive wipers (if equipped)
- Erratic fuel gauge (especially when near empty, so keep the tank at greater than 3/4 at all times)
- Erratic transmission shifting (if automatic; if it bothers you, switch to manual shifting)
Originally Posted by Domer1982 View Post
if so, do I need to cover the exposed portion of the ABS system with anything to protect it from the elements?
Again, this is well covered already in this thread. I realize the thread is over 650 posts long, but, at 80 posts per view, that's only 8 pages for you to scroll through, and you can rest assured we have pictures of the packing of both the car and of the module itself.

The simple answer is aluminum foil on the car and masking tape on the module inside the box that you're shipping out. But look in the 8 pages of this thread for the pictures.
Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
See also: E39 Bestlinks & How to easily find what you need
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