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I think I know your problem!

I went through similar things except I was getting P1519 and P1522 which means those are VANOS faults. P1519 and 1522 are Intake Cam VANOS faults for improper timed VANOS which means they wont kick in. Otherwise, for those who suffer P0011 and 21, those are timing issues. You need to rent or use the VANOS tools. And time like this:

There are two-strokes for engine. When changing timing chains, most people do not set their engines to TDC (Top Dead Center) which means Piston 1 on Bank 1 (Passenger Side - Closest to front) is not TDC (Piston all the way to the top) so best why to check this is remove the spark plug on Bank 1 - Cylinder 1, stick the dip stick in and turn to motor by hand using 29mm I think. As you turn the crank, the dip stick moves in and out. Make sure the dip stick is all the way out. This means its at TDC. At this point, get underneath the car, set the flywheel pin. Now proceed to the cams locks. Remove the VANOS Solenoids to relieve pressure (optional) turn Cams until they show A and E facing up. Than lock them down. At this point your are correctly timed and set. You can also check your pulley marking as it has OT stamped in. You must match the OT to the mark on the lower timing cover. I think this is the most common problem, people who do this job did not have their engine set to the right stroke/TDC.

To Summarize:
  1. Engine must be set to TDC (Top Dead Center)
  2. Flywheel Pin must be set after setting engine to TDC
  3. Cams must be Locked Down when they show A - E facing up!

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