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Originally Posted by Zooks527 View Post
...Steering on snow and ice is significantly improved with AWD as opposed to RWD on snow and ice, especially if a skid has already started. In a RWD car, if the front tires are sliding, you can best reestablish wheel rotation and directional control by, to use an old phrase, "steering into the skid" - pointing your front wheels to align with the direction of travel of the center of mass of the car. With AWD, you can reestablish/maintain front wheel rotation by pressing the gas while aiming the wheels where you want to go.
The utility of accelerating out of a skid is extremely limited. I discussed this with a Bondurant driving instructor (granted, they're in Phoenix), and he said that the preferred method is to brake to regain traction, then steer (the same technique as on pavement).

Conversely, if snow tires had been installed, you would probably never have lost traction on the front wheels in the first place.
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