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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
The utility of accelerating out of a skid is extremely limited. I discussed this with a Bondurant driving instructor (granted, they're in Phoenix), and he said that the preferred method is to brake to regain traction, then steer (the same technique as on pavement).

Conversely, if snow tires had been installed, you would probably never have lost traction on the front wheels in the first place.

Well, I found it to be quite useful while I was going west through the curve when the guy coming east got spooked by the snow, hit his brakes, and started skidding over the center into my lane.

More to the point, maintaining appropriate throttle through the turn usually allows you to avoid the skid in the first place. I've run through the curve a few times in quick succession as a comparison test of the methods, and find staying on the gas with AWD is more effective in maintaining the line than coming off the gas in the curve, and certainly more so than applying the brakes.

You also have the option of slowing down before the curve, but this is of little use when you're already in it and find out there's ice and snow pack in the sections that have trees shadowing the pavement.

FWIW, my car runs dedicated snow/ice tires 3 months of the year. They're a tool, not a panacea. Granted, they beat the hide off of all-seasons.
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