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I would personally opt for the 6-speed manual transmission. I've never driven the SMG, but my impression from reading about them is that they can be a bit temperamental, even when working properly -- and quite expensive to repair when they aren't...

Besides, the BMW manuals are a joy to drive; shifting is butter smooth!

As far as the convertible question goes, I would personally opt for the coupe for a couple of reasons:
  1. I like the styling better; and if the car is equipped with a sunroof, opening it and rolling down the windows gives you about 80% of a convertible's feel.
  2. The coupe is considerably lighter -- on the order of 350 lbs. Lighter weight means better performance.
I've also never encountered a removable hardtop for the E46 M3, but that's not to say they aren't available...

Ultimately, you'll have to drive it, so buy what you like...

X3 w/6-speed & Sport Package:
A sports sedan disguised as an SUV...
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