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Originally Posted by Anonimac View Post
Can i use any car jack? I don't have a BMW specific one (if there is such a thing), and the one i have is not the big wheeled kind, just a jack from another car.
You have two jacking options:
1) there are four jack points built into the chassis, two just behind the front wheels on each side, and two just in front of the back wheels on each side. These jack points are recessed, with plastic sides - you CANNOT simply put a jack onto the plastic and lift the car without destroying them, probably denting the metal sheeting around them, and causing the lifted car to be unstable. You need a jack that can fit into the socket.

F10's don't have spare tires, so they don't bother providing a jack. The jack that came with E39s and E60s (and probably other BMWs as well) will work just fine, as they have a shoe that fits up into the jack point.

Alternatively, you can do what I did and fashion a small block of hardwood that fits into the socket, and use that as the jack point. There are also aluminum jack pad inserts that you can buy online for this purpose, but they're a little pricey for what they are.

2) You can use the center jack points to raise the entire front (under the engine), or the entire rear of the car (under the differential in the rear). As long as you have a long-handled jack with a flat jack head that has the lifting capacity you should be fine. I prefer this method, as its quicker and I can place two jack stands on opposites sides quickly and easily.

Originally Posted by Anonimac View Post
What kind of lug nut do i need? As far as i can tell, the lug nut is not in the trunk tool area.
I assume you mean lug nut socket? You're going to need a 17 mm deep socket to remove the lug nuts.
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