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I'd say after 200+ miles, my X1 generally exceeds my expecatations, but two issues annoy me to no end:

Throttle hesitation (standing by for further news on the BMS stage 1 upgrade; may spring for this)

Professional Radio. More like a professional PITA! Interface with bluetooth calling is nuts. When I press the phone button on my steering wheel, it proceeds to automatically call whomever is first alphabetically in my iPhone's contact list; it does not pause or allow me to select any other name. I've unintentionally called poor Amanda a dozen times. I must do all that manually via the radio; and the onscreen display for that is pathetic as it only shows the first few letters of each name. I have two "Amanda's" in my phone book. They both display simply as "Amanda". How do I know which is which??

Then there's the MINOR () issue of a 2013 "luxury" brand like BMW that still uses a radio unable to stream bluetooth music, unlike most other cars out there for half the price when fully loaded. Ford Fiesta, anyone?

If I have my phone connected to the radio via cable, then I can play stored music, or stream Pandora. If I try to skip to the next song while listening to Pandora, then half the time it will do so; the other half of the time, it quits pandora and starts playing my stored music.

My onscreen display will show the first few letters of the song title... it will not scroll periodically to reveal the entire name; nor can I find any way to change this display so that it instead reveals the artist, for example. My 2005 Ranger that I paid a whopping $16K for when new, even did this. C'mon, BMW!

I also don't like the volume controls... If I've shut the car off with the music a bit loud, then as soon as I start the car next time... usually early in the morning while still tired and on my way into work for the day... I get that same volume full-force. A lot of other cars will gradually ramp up the volume over one or two seconds to avoid that kind of surprise. In addition, it seems like I need to turn the volume knob a LOT to get a small change in volume; same with the steering wheel buttons. I can sit there pressing like a madman, just to get a minor volume change. I think the adjustment scale needs to be fixed.

I could go on with more, but for now... i think the radio is an even bigger disappointment than the throttle issue. I can tell this radio will not remain installed for very long at all.

I do know the owner manual addresses some of these issues with a complex series of steps involving lots of time and button-pressing; this goes against the inherent requirement (IMHO) that a car radio should be as intuitive as possible so that a driver can spend more time on DRIVING.

OK I'm done ranting... aside from that, I love the car!

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