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Originally Posted by Wertles View Post
Yes, you must get an alignment. There is adjustment on the strut that will change your alignment, camber IIRC. Both my cars were out of alignment after front strut changes...
Did you change your struts yourself? And did you find slotted holes?
Or did you have a shop change your struts, they told you the alignment should be checked, so they did that, and found it was out?
Whatever they found, and whatever they did, I don't believe could be related to changing struts, because there is nothing disturb-able or adjustable in a strut change.
They could have found a pre-existing condition from hitting a curb or whatever, out of toe in or camber, but loosening and "adjusting" a strut's mount is not possible. There is no movement there (unless someone has slotted the holes).
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