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Please Help If you Could

I posted this as part of another post. But decided to post my own thread in hope of getting some responses; so please forgive me for duplication.

First time writing a post here. I am in the market for a used manual wagon and you know how that market keeps shrinking by day (US). I don't mind buying new but can't find a nice wagon with manual gearbox anywhere. Only VW Jetta and Subaru come to mind and I just don't like them. I was hoping for 3 series F31 wagon with manual and that won't be coming here anyways.

So I am looking into used market. I live in TX and could only locate one red E91 with stick. This particular one has less than 36k miles and had one owner. It was registered as commercial, which I assume was purchased for a small company's high executive. The carfax shows one accident from the left rear end. As usual, information is not very clear. Was it rear ended and bumper and all the tail lights replaced or was it a minor hit? did the person backed it up to something or someone rear-ended it? The price is around 3000-3500 below KBB and 2000-2500 below NADA ($24,000). The dealer seems uninterested in negotiation as it does not reply to my emails.

The car look very nice in photos and looks to be well kept. I am planing to visit the dealer tomorrow to see it in person. This car is under warranty till 50k or 4 years and it would be 4 years in 7 months.

I have never had any BMW's and would like your inputs on used 3 series in general and this one specifically. I will be paying for it in cash so not worry about high interest rate on used car.

Please help me.

Here is the link to dealers' page and carfax report
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