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Originally Posted by bmw_or_audi View Post
What is interesting to me is that this has more or less always been the case, yet those tiny, sub-compact, and harsh riding cars have sold very well. That's because the badge is almighty.

I have to note though that the old BMWs (E36 and E39) I have driven or sat in as a passenger always felt firm but very supple and smooth. I have never been inside an E90 while moving, so I don't know what people are describing as harsh. Is the the sport suspension, the older RFTs, or a combination? I assume the latter.
Suspension technology has come a long way in the last few years so while harsh riding cars may have been an acceptable trade off a few years ago that is no longer the case.

IMO the "harshness" of the E9x (at least with the sport suspension) was a combination of the RFTs and poorly calibrated shocks. As I have posted here before replacing the RFTs and installing Koni FSD shocks solved the problem. The car still has a firm ride (which is fine with me) but it is no longer harsh, does not crash over road imperfections and I have not experienced a "Pothole Explosion" since I made the modifications. If the car has left the factory in the state it is in now I would have had no complaints about the suspension.

When I bought new tires for the E93 last summer (I bought Conti DWS) I was very tempted to go with the latest generation RFTs but I had been burned so badly by the crap Bridgestones that came on the car I decided against it.

The 750 has RFTs and I have no issues with them on that car but the setup on my 2007 335i was definitely not ready for prime time.


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