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Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
In college I took a senior level history course called The Automobile in American History. Loved that course. Reviving the LaSalle name wouldn't have worked for Cadillac/GM. It may have had a positive effect on post-war Cadillac products, but the name became equated with a brand failure. That would be bad for those who made the connection and on the flipside would be those for whom the name had no meaning due to no brand recognition. Reminds me of Ford's attempt to revive the name 500. It had meaning for them, but no more public brand recognition. They, of course, quickly renamed it the Taurus.

The problem with this latest attempt from Lexus is that they've created more of a "boy racer", "Japanese ricer" look to those cars.

I mentioned this in another post - BMW is suffering some now from their own innovation and success. Driving performance, handling, and dynamics technology is reaching its limit and now economies of scale are allowing everyone and their grandmother to have what used to ne high-end technology. And then electronic/computer technology is so prolific everyone can have it and it's hard to keep up with all the advancements.

The there's all the changing propulsion system possibilities.

It's a brave, new automotive world automakers are facing.
It probably would not have been a good idea for Cadillac to revive the LaSalle name and you are correct it has virtually zero brand recognition in today's market since the brand was discontinued in 1940. One of the reasons that GM dropped it was because the cars had grown in size and were competing with the Cadillac brand.


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