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Originally Posted by fullthrottle540 View Post
haha but no, 530 isn't a piece of sh.... it's just mediocre overall, and who the heck is "OK" with a mediocre enthusiast car? 16 year olds and soccer moms...
If you were an enthusiast you would know that the M54 is regarded as one of the best BMW engines out there and it won several awards in the early 2000's.

IMO the I6 is the perfect balance for the E39 and makes an excellent car with a much lighter and more nimble front end. My car gives me exactly the right balance for city driving and longer commuting, I've always owned I6 cars and I see no reason to change I think they're the perfect blend for living in the real world.

I'd rather be driving a 530i than a poor man's M5, which is what the 540i is if you try and regale other E39's owners about how great and powerful your V8 BMW is. If you wanted something that drives well and has a huge amount of power you'd get an M-Car not a big fat muscle car.

Getting back to the original question in this thread, I owned a Mercedes before I had my E39. It wasn't a W210 but what I can tell you is that model is not that well regarded, the next model of E Class is probably a better comparison to the BMW.

Mercedes is always about comfort and BMW has always been more of a driver's car. In that sense Mercedes is probably similar to Lexus in that it's a very plush sensory depravation tank with wheels. I loved my S Class for long distance driving, but my E39 is almost as comfortable given that I'm relatively young and have no injures or pain which crops up on long drives. I do think the build quality of the Mercedes was slightly better than BMW too. I think a 530i will compare very well to your E430 in terms of equipment and there are more of them around, if you're worried about speed - here are some numbers:

530i - 0-100km 7.9 seconds with 221HP
E430 - 0-100km 6 seconds with 275HP

Unless you're into drag racing that's not much difference, I don't know about anyone else here but I don't use the stop watch in my car to time me away from each light and given traffic and everything else I arrive at my destination at roughly the same time regardless of if I "race" or drive like a grandma.

You will notice the extra power in the V8 at high speeds, it will just keep pulling and settle into cruise better. But you're limited on public roads anyway.
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