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The M is nice, but I should be faster than that car stock. I am at 6000' in Denver and with my new tune on the car its around 360bhp . The 0-60mph times ? I have not tested my car yet, but have seen other guys claim 3.8 seconds, not sure if that is possible. I will have to hook up my logger and see what my car is doing now that it is tuned.

After I get done playing with stg 1, I plan on setting up a stg 3 with IC and exhaust and tune and then I have a plan for upgraded compressor wheels and clip on the turbine side and ?Bhp

I love to make cars go fast, have the fastest Saab in America, 10.61@139mph, but Saab is dead :-( Moving on to bigger and better things :-)

Hello RWD :-) I would love an M series, but that is double what I paid for mine and with less money I should have something that will be much faster than an M by the time I get done with it.


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