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This one is going around and around. I agree with you That's the horse we want. The great one. The 'chin in the neck ' one. That's why we pay up the big bucks. However - what use is this
great horse if it pulls up lame every few weeks. The point is- it should be that great horse and not pull up lame. Would you buy a very expensive horse from a breeder known for breeding very fast horses but who have a known high propensity for serious illness? These cars should do what they do
and be -at least- more reliable than they are- much more. Can you imagine buying an airplane with this mentality. It's faster than the rest and can pull 3 g's- only it breaks a lot.....
Again, when we want to- we can aways see the kings clothes. If the badge was taken off these cars and they were newly introduced, the car magazines would say" Great performance- terrible reliability-stay away until they get it right. Germany is known for great engineering. They could certainly get this done. However BMW just had it's biggest year ever. So, if they can sell them faster than they can make them like they are- Why spend more money to build them? I get it - Many on this board just love these cars so much that they are willing to put up with this to drive them . They love these cars reliability warts and all. The way these cars drive is not the issue. They are wonderful -fabulous. What this whole diatribe addresses is that they break a lot and shouldn't at this price point. To say that BMW can't get this done is ridiculous. They just won't. They don't have to.
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