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Originally Posted by 5seriesHB View Post
Though id jump in since im at 1000k miles with my 5.0 just about ready to have some fun
This should wet your appitite for a hot minute....notice the throttle control to keep it just at and not go beyond the recommended 4500rpm for the 5.0
Hope u guys get some more posters in 2013 i can certainly chime in till u get up to speed.
i mean theres probably not a considerable difference between 400 and 555hp right? LOL
Njoy the videos and feel free to compare
I know u guys r just itching to jump in ur x's this very second....can u say challenge!

The X5M has been around for three years and this forum only had 40 posts prior to the recent December buyers, so it will be a long road to get a healthy level of activity around here. Please remember, this isn't the F30 forum, so everyone is welcome here!

I like your exhaust note! That's how I'm hoping my 6er will sound. The X5M is a bit too loud under hard acceleration to be socially acceptable, but under normal conditions its quite reasonable.

I also reached 1,000 miles just yesterday on the way home and YES, I have nailed it from time to time. I keep hearing from the passenger seat "you went over 5,500rpms again" and "I like it when it makes the brap sound when shifting." If you guys don't already know this yet, Mrs D & I commute together, so she provides ample material for quotes.

As far as challenges, I think you have great upset potential against any high powered RWD car. I think RWD 550's might be be easy pickings.

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