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Originally Posted by mlukas161 View Post
Don't take my word for it. :-) the manual recommends replacement at 100,000 miles. For 65 bucks a piece and an hour of time I would at least change the 2 pre cat sensors. I changed mine around 130,000 in our 2004 x3. We average 20 mpg around town and saw 26-27 mpg on our last family road trip. It pays for itself in my opinion.
That's about what I get (the signature is like the Fuelly thing in the US, I've been religiously listing every fillup). Obviously the consumption varies based on terrain. I got lower consumption figures back when I lived in Raleigh last year where it's mostly flat in the Piedmont and Sandhills, whereas now I get a lot of downshifting and higher revs in the mountains where I have to work the 2,5 litre.

I need a diesel. My definition of poor consumption is roughly the US equivalent of 20 US mpg in urban driving. I talk to friends about how my X3 is thirsty and they ask what I get.
"Roughly 25-27 US mpg on the hwy".
"That's really good, what are you talking about?"
"I expect 45 US mpg thesedays"
Current consumption:
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