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Hi! Hate to say this but !!! It maybe a blessing in disguise, firstly the insurance company are covering the cost by writing off the car, great news in the circumstances, secondly and most importantly, if you tried selling your car or trading it in you would get a pittance, this way you will get substantially more than you would have done which with cash in hand set you up to make a lovely new purchase.........just makes sure you get a comparable understanding of the price the same model and spec are being sold for at BMW dealers. You can argue that buying one from anywhere else is not what you would do given the need to ensure that the car has been properly serviced etc by BMW..... anyway not wishing to teach granny to suck eggs......
Finally the Z4 you see in the picture has now gone, I paid 29k for it in April 2012 ( I traded in my 6 series for it 8k which they sold for 14.5k, I could not sell it privately) I then sold the Z4 in Sept. 2012 (6 months) and the dealer I purchased the car from would only offer 20K and many dealers refused to even consider it...... now that was a lesson in depreciation and a warning to others!!!!
There were specific reasons for selling the Z4.......~I now have a Mercedes 350CDI E class Convertible, I would have had another 6 series in a heartbeat but only from 2011 onwards or gone to the diesel 630......I still think this is the best forum and enjoy helping others from my experience with my 6 series!!!!!

Always said I would go back to a 6 series

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