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Originally Posted by 7Rage View Post
watch out for logic 7.. its nice but if it goes bad then its a hefty price tag. guy fixes it (sticky) but bit of a dick tbh.

that one has no rear entertainment, and stock 18's, and has chrome trim (windows) (means no sport package if I am not mistaken). but has chrome door handle trim which means comfort access. this maybe why so cheap... it is more of a base model.

as with all cars - see if it drives straight feel for shake in steering wheel and brake pedal. make sure hood is level. make sure all glass has the bmw logo. mine is bmw logo made by plinkerton or something like that. check for scrapes on botttom edge of bumpers and curb rash on rims (bargaining chips) tread depth (going to need new tires soon?, lol expensive) you cant rotate either becacuse staggered. and the front wear fast because of camber (but holds very well in turns for such a heavy car )

before you move it check for oil underneath especially if its been just sitting in the lot.

Supposed to have two keys - only one in picture (price dropped?) see if the medkit is still there lol..

I have a 2007 750li myself. I havent had any real problems since i bought it (still ahs CPO and extended service... the alternater diodes blew and symptoms returned (dying while driving) then they repalced a module (one that controls electronics) and CPS (threw transmssion fault). But I believe this to be my fault for redlining the car too much. Its touring not sports, its meant to go fast for extended periods but not make short sprints... and redline in 1st. Once I found out how to disable DSC was a dark day for that car
Logic 7...OK. I will have to read up on that one. I am assuming that is in reference to one of a million computerized nightmares in these beasts.

I don't really mind not having the rear entertainment as this will be my daily driver in good weather so I will pretty much be the only one in it about 90% of the time. I do appreciate everyone pointing out stuff like that, though. Ad also mentions 19" wheels so I will check that.

As for not having the sport package, I don't really mind that being absent either. My main wants were to have the cold weather package and moonroof and this one fits the bill for those.

Thank you for all of the tips on what to check for. I will ask about all of those things when I go take a look in person.
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