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Hello Friends,

Updating you on the status of this very rare manual wagon. We went to this particular dealer in Dallas area and looked at the car. As pictures suggested the car is very clean and drives very well at least for some one like myself who has been away from manual for over 12 years.

When we arrived I called BMW of Dallas and asked them if it would be ok to bring the car for inspection? The answer was big NO! they said in the past they did inspect some cars and later on something was wrong and they were held accountable, so they stopped doing it; So as Classic BMW. They said the only one still doing it around Dallas-Fort Worth would be Moritz BMW in Arlington which was too far from above mentioned dealer. So I found an indy mechanic and took the car there. He lifted the car up and took a look for the left real accident reported on Carfax and he said the structure was not impacted but most likely the bumper was replaced and painted as there was slight red paint under and on muffler. But the car looked very clean even to untrained eyes of some one like me. The run flat tired were deemed in need of replacement and break pads at 50%. He drove the car and he said was find and since no check engine light was on, he concluded that no major mechanical problems for now. And since car is still under warranty for another 15000 miles or 7 months (whichever comes first) we would be safe. Car is manual so no transmission to worry about.

Later that day we came back to dealer and started haggling with him. He was a very steadfast and stubborn seller and was not willing to negotiate beyond $200. I told him to replace all the tires to run flat and I would pay the asking price of $24,000. He finally came down to $23,500 and no tires. I got a price estimate of $905 on four bridgestone run fats from Discount Tire/American Tire. So finally I pushed price down to $23,400. Later he said he is willing to put 4 bridgestone run flat for $740. So our final price was 24,140 with four new tires.

This was our first real used car purchase (purchased many cheap ones during collage and they don't count). We usually buy new cars but as I said before we could not find any nice manual wagon that look as nice of 3 series. This car would be a family car for weekend and travel as we have a Volvo C30 for daily commute to/from work.

So what you guys think? Were we winners/losers?

P.S. We have paid $85 for inspection and $300 non-refundable deposit. They are waiting on new set of tires so we will pay for it in full sometimes next week. So I can back off if needed and let go of that $300. Keep it or let go of it?

Once again thanks to all of you for helpful tips and advice.

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