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Originally Posted by whitby View Post
Interesting that our experience was exactly the opposite. The xdrive35i felt heavy and ponderous with a lot of throttle lag. We assumed this was because the demo vehicle only had a few miles on it (200 miles ish). The xDrive28i felt much better and responded almost instantaneously to the throttle although my wife complains that all the BMWs we have had (and we have had 17 of them) have had the same issue (a lot of 'have's and 'had's in that sentence, sorry). Stomp on the throttle, there is a slight pause and then it takes off like a bat out of hell. This problem also afflicted the MB E500 we owned. You quickly learn to deal with it.
I dunno, just the opposite here, I drove two 28i X1s and was very unimpressed with the power. Plus the trans seems like its always shifting. Granted both of the ones I drove were brand new cars with less than 10 miles on them - honestly thought something was wrong with the first one Didnt feel much better than my old 2008 A4 throttle response-wise and the hesitation (not lag) at tip in was pretty pronounced on the X1. Some lag is to be expected on a small displacement turbo 4cyl, thats just how it goes. The 35i we have runs great, I'm actually pretty impressed with it and my daily driver is a GS Corvette. I didnt really beat on it until it had a few thousand miles on it but it really hauls from a dead stop to 80mph or so, and on the highway it can go from 60mph to 100 before you realize it. Now turn the ECO pro mode on the 35i and it turns into a slug..

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