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Originally Posted by roadkillrob View Post
Prius will be cheap to run and for maint until the battery/electronics are off warranty, eventually the batteries will be done and the car is worthless at that point, but that is 10 years away.

BMW's are notorious for things going wrong in the 100-130k range, you will be looking at struts, shocks, suspension bushings, water pump, radiator at minimum. Depending on current upkeep, brakes are likely and then typical Vanos, plug coil and other electronic issues are normal, the BMW will be much more to run over time than the Prius for many reasons.

That being said, the Prius is probably the most unfulfilling driving car on earth - it is a toaster with wheels and less power - everything about the car is boring and dull, the entire world hates you being in their way and because of all that you will turn into the kind of person that would buy a prius, eventually you will just move back in with your parents and live in their basement hoping that at some point it will all just end. With the BMW you will wakeup every day and be excited to drive your car, your car will probably have some issues and need towed to the mechanic sometimes, you will be excited waiting to get it back so you can drive it some more!

It all depends on what it is worth to you to have a fun to drive interesting car - it does cost more.

From experience, I have an E93 and a Civic, the Civic was an LX, traded it for an SI (one of the more exciting Honda products) and i drive the Civic on rainy days and in the winter - it is a fun car compared to a Prius and every time I drive it, it just makes me miss my E93 even more - after winter is over, I can't wait to get back in the BMW and drive it again. BMW is a driving experience, the Prius is an appliance to move people between 2 points!
In CA (and I think the same applies for states that have adopted the CA emissions model) cars certified as AT-PZEV come with a 10 year/150K mile warranty on the AT-PZEV components. The hybrid drive (which includes the battery) is covered under the AT-PZEV warranty. If the Prius the OP is considering was first delivered in CA, the AT-PZEV warranty applies. The AT-PZEV warranty is a big thing, since replacing the hybrid drive battery is on the order of $5,000.
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