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BlackBerry vs. Apple

I reached out to an acquaintance who is a divisional sales executive for one of the big carriers in North America. He agreed to answer a few questions that I had on the condition that I dont ask him anything that is confidential. So, here is what I got from him:

Question What kind of phone are you currently using?
Executive Apple iPhone 4S

Question 4S? Why not iPhone 5?
Executive There wasnt a big enough change from the 4 to the 5, so there was no reason for me to upgrade.

Question Do you like it?
Executive Yes, its a great phone.

Question What were you using prior to the iPhone 4S?
Executive BlackBerry Bold 9900

Question Did you like it?
Executive Yes, that was a good phone as well. Great keyboard.

Question Then why did you switch to an iPhone 4S?
Executive I just needed a bigger screen, and the iPhone has it.

Question What do you like about the iPhone 4S other then the screen size?
Executive I love the GPS tracking. Its something that I use ever day. Its very precise.

Question Is there anything that you dont like about the iPhone 4S?
Executive Im a heavy user, so the battery doesnt last me the day. I wish I was able to swap in a fresh battery mid day rather then having my phone hooked to the charger half the time.

Question You had a chance to try the BlackBerry 10, what do you think of it?
(His voice turned to excitement and he was very quick to answer)
Executive Hands down, its going be the best phone on the market.

Question Really? What did you like about BB10?
Executive Many things. Its loaded with a lot of neat stuff that people will like, but for me, I really like the BB Balance. Its like you will be able to play in 2 different sandboxes in the same park.

Question Will you be switching from your iPhone 4S to the BlackBerry 10 when it arrives?
Executive The first day I can, I will switch to BB10.

Question Are you going to get the one with the physical keyboard?
(He thought for 2 or 3 seconds before he answered this one)
Executive- I was so impressed with the screen keyboard, that I will be getting that one. I like having a big screen.

Question What else did you like about it?
Executive The new added functions to BBM are amazing. This alone will sell phones.

Question How much will they cost?
Executive- We havent been told about pricing, but a lot of it will be built into the contract price. We want to make it affordable to as many people as possible. Im sure that a lot of other carriers will be doing that as well.