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Originally Posted by fcsteve View Post
did you click or look at any of the related links from them ?

"pimped ride: a taxi to remember"
"pimped up shopping basket"
"pimped my ride: from coffee maker van to cruiser"

i didn't know there was so much pimpin' goin on in NZ
ya it is a Stuff assignment.

modified cars a fairly common here, a good proportion of them are Ford Falcons or Holden Commodores, both australian made bogan-mobiles. Then you have Lancer GSRs and Subaru WRXs etc like anywhere else, of course no Cobalts or Scions etc because they dont sell here because we are a RHD country and USA forget about RHD lol. The euro scene virtually doesnt exist here either, and where it does, its about half BMWs. Noone mods Mercs VWs and Audi's, about the closest you get are 1970s Mercs. You see a few E30s with locked diffs etc for skidding, but I'm talking about tidy presentable cars.

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