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Angry Wtf rant / what do you do...

So I'm stationed overseas and my wife has the 7 in the states with her. I call her just to find out that when she was parked way out in the parking lot at Lowes, some a$$hole parked next to her and bumped the door leaving their black paint on my car!!! I was so pissed off! I know my wife wasn't lying being she never lies and she knows to park way out in the lot to avoid the careless dumba$$es who park. So now that's another thing I have to get fixed on the car. I'm not too mad though being I had another scratch I was going to get taken care of, but damn!!!

So my question is, what do you guys do to avoid this? I know their are a lot of people who are jealous and some who just don't give a fu** when they slide their carts away in the parking lot, that's why I park way WAY out to avoid this, but apperently even doing that isn't enough! I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!! Lol that's all! Thanks for letting me rant and I will post a pic of the damage when my wife sends it!
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