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In an X1 thread this fall we discussed colors a lot. At some point I happened to see a newspaper article on car colors based on info from some paint-related company and posted on that. Basically the data conforms to what the original poster here noted - white, black and silver/gray dominate in the US, for all cars. And as it happens, data from Europe and Asia don't reveal much difference. So it's not just US car purchases who are "boring"...

But isn't the same true for most "appliances"? Apple got a lot of attention several years ago with its colorful Macs, but soon enough it moved over to white and silver. I see some washing machines in red, but most are in the basic colors. I just think people want a safe color choice that they won't grow tired of. I remember WAY BACK when there was a vogue for home appliances in "avocado." When the vogue was over people were stuck with some pretty unattractive pieces...

When I was deciding on the X1 I almost went for the new Acura RDX - and I do believe if it had been offered in blue, I would have gotten it. It comes in three gray/silver options, a brown and a muddy red, besides white/black. I had other reasons for going for the X1 obviously, but it was nice to have a couple blues to choose from. I went for Midnight Blue...
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