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Originally Posted by anE934fun View Post
Re. the Prius, things can be done to improve the handling (wider wheels & tires, front and rear suspension braces, possibly rear sway bar). The biggest downside of stock Prius is its susceptibility to cross-winds. Adding the suspension braces cures the cross-wind problems.

If the Prius is going to get the nod, be sure to check the service history on the car. If the oil changes have not been done at 5,000 mile intervals, there is a risk of sludge build-up.

MP3 - you really think the Prius is more comfortable than the E93? What seats do you have in your E93? Both the E90 and my ex-E93 were equipped with the Sport package, and I would rate the Sport package seats on par with the best (Volvo, MB) seats. Prius has manual adjustable seating that has its limits. I have gone on 5 hour road trips in the E90 with no seat problems. I doubt I would make a similar attempt with a Prius.

Some good made points there

The Prius does not like cross winds

Handling is really not bad. For the first week or so I felt it was terrible but once used to it one finds it's predicable at the limit even with lots of body roll. There are no bizarre geometry changes like cheap cars had twenty years ago. Absolute corning speed is obviously not that high but it's predicable and fun can be had - honestly. Several on the Prius forum upgraded to TRD shocks/springs but that's not why we bought the Prius

Good point on sludge. Our Prius was changed to synthetic at 1,000 miles - I imagine less than 1% of owners would do that. Most owners will do minimal servicing using Jiffy Lube etc once out of warranty

Our E93 has the sports package which is reasonably smooth considering the limited roll (during sensible driving). For me it's just not that comfortable on long journeys compared to the Prius. The BMW SP seats are totally light years ahead. The seats are perhaps the most impressive thing about my BMW - almost cannot believe how many ways they adjust

In Europe I tend to drive ~90mph+ on motorways and likely would prefer the BMW there, in the US we drive at 70->80 mph on the highways which tend to be rougher. The Prius is just so smooth and fairly quiet that'd even on trips to the beach (300+ miles) we'll likely take the Prius even though it would great to have the convertible there

Soon-ish virtually all cars will have self adjusting dampers. That time cannot arrive soon enough

Originally Posted by anE934fun View Post
since replacing the hybrid drive battery is on the order of $5,000.
Untrue. At least the myth is getting better, most used to quote $8K+. A new OEM battery is $2,299, install cost takes it to about $3K IIRC. It's possible to recondition to original battery just swapping out the dead cells - that's obviously much less expensive. Many on the Prius forums have the original battery at 200K miles and have spent little or sometimes nothing on repairs. How many BMWs even last that long before being junked?

Any BMW owner who hates the Prius should check out the Prius 299,999+ mile club and prepare to weep Some are nudging half a million miles (with few repairs!)

It would be fun to take out Prius to a track day and see how many I can pass in the beginner sessions. With TRD suspension it'd certainly be possible

Six Euro Deliveries since December 1998 (Owned E46, E90, E91, E92 and E93)

28 vehicles in 26 years of driving so far. Guess I like cars

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