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Originally Posted by svp66 View Post
I did test drive bunch of Porsche's before the 650. They handle perfect, but the ride in 911 / Cayman / Boxter is too stiff. My friend who is in his early 40s had one on lease and let it go for the same reason. If you have even minor back problems, you know what I mean...

The Panamera is a spectacular ride (4S or Turbo), handles better than the 650, and the interior is more inspiring. Could not put up with the exterior though. I've seen the concept Grand Tourer and it is really much more appealing. It will be tough to decide between that and the i8...
I know what you mean about the back. I had to recline the seat a bit more and it was fine after that... and I don't even have back problems. But it was definitely tensing up with the seat more upright.

Agree on the Panamera. Some like the look, but for me, I just can't stomach it.

Originally Posted by greenie99 View Post
Firstly, deal just reached to "drop the puck"! These are different cars in so many ways. I had ordered a 2013 Carrera S in Platinum Silver. Two weeks from delivery, I was visiting my BMW dealer who coincidentally owns the Porsche dealer as well. Lucky for me!! A carbon black 650 had just come in and I spotted it. Cancelled the Porsche and the rest is history. Yes, the 911 handles unlike almost any car out there but to me, the visuals are as important. I am more impressed with the 650s interior and when I look at the cars side by side, the 911 now looks a bit dated. For me, I made the correct decision and I couldnt be happier.
I know!!! My plans of sleeping in were shattered when my wife woke me up to tell me about the end of the lockout. Awesome, but the news could've waited lol. Not like there's a game today.

Yes the 911 does look dated, especially the interior but I see it as pure driving sex. Visuals get old. The drive never does though IMO. The interior of the Porsche is reminiscent of an aircraft cockpit to me. Very boxy and very little rounded edges. Looks like a Cessna lol

Originally Posted by southern6er22 View Post
+1. I know my car will never make it to a track, so real world driving was a higher priority. However, it seemed like there were a lot if performance options that would make a difference in a daily driver (as opposed to a track pack type package), so I didn't think I could pass on those without feeling like I was getting a stripped out 911 in terms of performance/handling.

I've seen some very nice 911 interiors, but, to build this, it required >$10k in a la carte interior options (trim here, leather there, contrast stitching on this, exterior color on that, blah, blah, blah). By the time you get your desired interior and the performance options, the option list makes the ~$20k options on the 6er look downright cheap. It was hard enough paying $650 for ceramic controls.

Building a 911 and not caring about how the interior looks is the way to go. I just know I'm incapable of this.
Regardless of all those performance options, its still a Porsche. They didn't build their reputation on a modern active suspension or PDK or anything like that. If I have to skip on a couple, then so be it. ... but I probably will be checking all those boxes

Like you said, interior comes second in the Porsche. Interior visuals get old to me anyway. I don't need leather this, leather that, contrast stitching, painted air vents, yadda yadda yadda lol. Its all about the drive. I will never track it either but it's good for those close encounters. Living in the NY Metro Area, close encounters are not uncommon.

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