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Jeebus, how many Corvette drivers do we have on this forum anyway?? Am I in the wrong place? It says "BMW" up top!

Seriously, it seems like over half the regulars I see on this forum (granted I've only been here a few weeks) have Corvettes, and that's awesome!

^^^^^ also a Corvette owner

Which brings me to another observation... it doesn't surprise me that those who frequently drive their Vettes would find the X1 to be slow, but in my case, I was pleasantly surprised with the X1's power, even from the 4-banger that I have. I bought the X1 to be my new winter vehicle, and it replaced a lethargic Ford Ranger that was so slow, it wasn't even funny. The winters up here last for about 5-6 months, with no break... meaning, once it snows and gets cold, it does not melt off a week later, like it might in places down south. It piles up, side streets build up more and more ice, and it's not until spring before conditions usually improve. So, my Vette spends the winter months in storage and it will be April before I drive it next. I stored it mid-October this season, and have been driving that Ranger ever since. Now, going from that ratty old Ranger to the X1, makes me feel as though I now have a Corvette for the winter months. It has suddenly made waiting for spring a little more bearable!
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