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Originally Posted by jbone907 View Post
Jeebus, how many Corvette drivers do we have on this forum anyway?? Am I in the wrong place? It says "BMW" up top!

Seriously, it seems like over half the regulars I see on this forum (granted I've only been here a few weeks) have Corvettes, and that's awesome!

^^^^^ also a Corvette owner

Which brings me to another observation... it doesn't surprise me that those who frequently drive their Vettes would find the X1 to be slow, but in my case, I was pleasantly surprised with the X1's power, even from the 4-banger that I have. I bought the X1 to be my new winter vehicle, and it replaced a lethargic Ford Ranger that was so slow, it wasn't even funny. The winters up here last for about 5-6 months, with no break... meaning, once it snows and gets cold, it does not melt off a week later, like it might in places down south. It piles up, side streets build up more and more ice, and it's not until spring before conditions usually improve. So, my Vette spends the winter months in storage and it will be April before I drive it next. I stored it mid-October this season, and have been driving that Ranger ever since. Now, going from that ratty old Ranger to the X1, makes me feel as though I now have a Corvette for the winter months. It has suddenly made waiting for spring a little more bearable!
After going through just about everything I always end up with a Corvette, they are impossible to beat for the fun per dollar - if you can get away with not having a back seat. Especially when you can walk into a dealer and buy one for 13 grand off sticker without much arguing. I get to drive year round on some pretty great mountain roads so its an excellent car to have around here. Thats why I thought the M3 would be nice, to have the performance AND a back seat, I was pretty disappointed with it overall though.

To be honest I've been into building LS1 powered F-bodies for years and have had several 8 and 9 second 1/4 mile street cars. And I recently just sold my mid 10 second 2011 mustang GT daily driver - the Vette feels slow compared to them.

I didnt find the 4cyl X1 that slow most of the time, it was about on par with my old A4 felt like, you just arent going to get that big V8 grunt with a 2 liter four cylinder no matter what you do. What I didnt really like about it was the trans was always hunting for the right gear it seemed, the 6cyl seems to be pretty happy no matter what gear its in. Its just the whole displacement thing. If you switch it over to DS with the six it tends to shift around a bit more, I didnt fool much with the 4cyl, just turned that silly ASS thing off.

I could probably live with the 4cyl if I was back in the city, but here there are short expressway entrance ramps and 70mph speed limits, many 55mph roads with no stoplights for miles that you have to get on with few gaps between cars. You get to use the wide open throttle 0-60 several times a day. The 28i just seemed to hang there forever when you get on it, not so with the six, that was good enough for the wife and I. Granted the cost is up there on the six and in reality if you are looking for a small SUV the six is a bit of overkill. The 28i is a much better better bargain and most likely thats why around here where the X1 is pretty popular I havent seen another 35.
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