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Originally Posted by Bandit
i'm not digging this insurance thing, i have a feeling if i can just get down there i can clean it up, i have pured pure water down the switches and for a few they work perfect then the stuff gets sticky again, so yea if i can just wipe it up i'm good any more ideas
Ok, this is a "do it at your own risk" type of thing...

The following applies to a Steptronic - the procedure for a manual transmission should be similar, though.

o Remove the shift knob by grasping firmly and pulling straight up. Note that you have a choice of hitting yourself in the nose with the knob or hitting the rear view mirror. Try not to do either...

o Gently tug on the leather shifter boot so that it lifts out of the trim piece (the black plastic surround comes with the boot - it is only held in with friction).

o If you have enough slack, just set the boot/surround aside, otherwise unplug the cable that connects to the shifter lights. Note - this cable tends to pop out of the surround and a metal spring clip will fall into the console. You want to avoid that.

o You will now see two Philips screws which were hidden under the shifter surround, near where the trim meets the cupholders. Unscrew those screws and pivot the trim up from the screw holes. There are tabs where the other end sits under the ashtray.

o Disconnect the wires connecting the various switches and remove the trim and switches from the car. Clean as appropriate, but let them dry completely before re-installing them in the car.

o The above is for the window switches. The door lock/unlock and the hazard flasher switches should be accessible from the same location, but I've never had those out.

o I'd also suggest popping out the cupholder (look for the V-shaped grooves on the front sides of the cupholder - push there and pivot out) to clean under there as well, or you might get ants or something from the spilled drink, not to mention mold, etc.
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