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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
It really doesn't matter who is no 1. The quest to seek #1 only results in lower quality for the rest of us. Look at BMW. Quality has been declining. No way to argue against that. MB has stopped seeking pure volume and they have concentrated their efforts on quality and it is paying off. Remember when MB was the gold standard? They're already near the top now.

Fact of the matter is that the Germans dominate the luxury segment. That's it. No one holds a candle to them. In some areas of the world, we have Lexus or Cadillac making dents, but worldwide it's not even a fair comparison.

As long as MB/Audi/BMW battle it out to make fantastic cars, we, as consumers, benefit tremendously.
Actually M-B have made it very public that they want to be the "sales leaders" straight from Dr. Z's mouth (very unbecoming statement from the CEO of a historic brand to basically make it look like he's admitting they've fallen behind and will go through desperate measures to "get back" / I wish M-B can at least maintain the *image* that they're too elite and premium to care about mass sales "crowns"). Also, I read somewhere that in order to get closer to their competitors profit margins Daimler will employ cost cutting measures across the board.... we all know how well that turned out last time.

Based on my observations, M-B is at a tough spot and it seems like they're getting desperate in some ways, by making these statements whilst their market share gets battered worldwide, and while their new designs are just looking more and more at odd and confused, IMO.

M-B is about to release more FWD lower priced "mover" cars in the U.S so it looks like they're gonna keep expanding in the lower segment areas to try and meet their "statement".

There was an article out recently that stated "Investors" are valuing the Mercedes-Benz BRAND itself as being worth HALF of what BMW brand (by itself) is worth. They broke it down by stock price and it makes a lot of sense. If M-B is only valued as half of what BMW is, then we can be sure Dr. Z is behind the scenes doing something drastic.... hopefully it's more interesting and intriguing than releasing a plethora of FWD Compact Cars.
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