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Question Help! 3 Series Ski Storage Information


I'm looking to the BMW community for some help!

I am currently in the market for a new car and have it narrowed down to either an BMW 335i XDrive or an Audi Q5 (Both around 09-10). I am a competitive ski racer so I am constantly transporting many pairs of skis from point A-B. I am curious as-to the length skis that you can fit in the trunk and through the ski passage. Does anyone have a pair that they do this with? If so what length are your skis and how far up in the car do they reach? Does the capacity change if you put seats down and put skis in sideways? Thanks so much for any and all help!

Answers to comments I'm sure will come up...

Ski Rack- A ski rack will do me no good because on account of me transporting race skis I must keep them covered. The chloride and mud/dirt that gets kicked up onto skis when on the highway is really detrimental to the base of race skis so this isn't a viable option.

Rocket Box (Roof Box)- I do have one of these so using this would be a possibility, however I'm fairly certain it will greatly hinder the appearance of the car so its not a desired option

BMW X3- Some may suggest this vehicle since I am considering the Audi Q5, I'm not fond of the original body style of this vehicle and the new style that came out in 2011 which I do like, is far out of my price range (low 30K)

Thanks for the help everyone!!!
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