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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
Yeah, it's crazy what Apple has been able to do.
Indeed, inspiring stuff.

Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
Interesting. Was not aware that Dr.Z said this. MB still has the prestige that no other brand (in its class) can match. Cost cutting will ruin them once again.

Can't really fault MB for this. BMW and Audi are increasingly going downmarket also. As long as all of their top tier cars remain good, I don't see issues with letting younger buyers into the brand. Helps build brand loyalty also.

I think MB should just stay back and let BMW/Audi battle it out for the sales crown. It's not like Mercedes is not staying relevant. It's Mercedes-Benz! For decades, Mercedes was the leader in quality and engineering. They lost it in the Chrysler-era and are slowly gaining it back. Seeking volume only ruins this. (Just ask GM, etc).
Yeah, about cost cutting, I *heard* that from someone on another Forum. But about the statement he definitely said that. Yeah, I wish M-B would at least APPEAR to "not care about the sales crown". It looks bad when the most historically prestigious brand is acting like they're "losing" and want to amount more mass sales than the next guys. They should really protect that "cachet halo" they have because IMO it's what's keeping the brand going more so than anything, especially after the Daimler-Chrysler debacle (which started chipping away at said halo as much as it could).
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