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Originally Posted by ard View Post
There is a rich history of comfort access cars having opened windows and panos.... and there are what, 3, 4, 5 people in this thread that have reported this. So it has happended in multiple BMWs.

You've GOT to be pulling my chain on the 'take it to the dealer' and 'lemon', right?

You could take this to the dealer 20 times for this and your NEVER get a lemon- as long as it never happened at the dealer, there will be no "defect" in the record to file a lemon!

I was the first person to report the arrival of a 2012 diesel in Oct 2012- I can assure you it isnt a flood car
Ard - Thanks for the clarification but my reply (potential flood) was intended to be directed to the OP rather than you (my mistake). If the issue can be documented then it 'could' be lemoned but as you say, that may be a long road. As you have seen in this thread some of those experiencing the effects have recognized (in this thread) that it may have simply been their error (sitting on keys @ breakfast) but as you point out, it may be something else in other cases. One interesting aspect could be programmed keys in a wife's pocketbook, right? I've not had the experience in either of my comfort access enabled vehicles but it does sound like some are having an issue. Wishing you guys luck in getting this one worked out

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